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Visa for Vietnam for Australian citizens

You are an Australian citizen and look for a good way to get a visa for Vietnam? If yes, read the following helpful information  about Vietnam visa for Australians that we are introducing you now and then you wil get your answer.

visa for vietnam for australian citizens

Visa Vietnam has two main kinds: Vietnam tourist visa and Vietnam business visa. The tourist visa has only 1 mont validity and the business visa is valid for 3 months. In fact, the Australian tourists can apply for a business visa to stay in Vietnam for 3 month and the Australian businessmen is also able to obtain a tourist visa for their short visit in Vietnam. No Immgiration Officer will ask you about your real purpose of your visit because it is really not important to them.

1. For Australians who plan to enter Vietnam by air, the only way for you to pick up a visa to Vietnam is going directly to the nearest Vietnam Embassy. Generally, the Vietnam visa requirements when you submit a Vietnam visa application at embassy will be an application form, a passort which is valid for at least 6 months ahead, 2 passort-sized photos and visa fee. Please remember that Vietnam embassies do not work on Saturday, Sundays and national holidays. You visa application will be completed after 3-5 working days.

2. For  Australians who are flying to Vietnam, you can also apply in person at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate or choose the easier way. That is applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival (visa online) on our website. Just filling out an application form and pay visa service fee, you will receive your visa approval letter after 2 working days only. In case of emergency, you could request for fast track service. With visa approval letter letter, you are allowed to go on board and get a visa stamp from Vietnam Immigration Officer at the airport. During 2 working days when the visa process happens, we will send you 3 emails to inform you the status of your visa approval letter. Therefore, you need to check your email day by day to make sure that you receive all notifications from us. In case you do not get our confirmation email right after you submitting application, check your spam folder. We are pretty sure that it is directed into that folder.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you want to know more about Vietnam visa information for Australian passport holders. Thank you for visiting!


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