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Flower by Season and Region in Vietnam

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Travelling around the world to see the flower is the dream of many travellers. However, the time of the nicest blossoms varies by region. If you wish to enjoy the most beautiful flower seasons in Vietnam, this post will help you create a perfect travel plan.

Hanoi – Hoa sua (Milk Flower)

Hanoi has various kinds of flower but hoa sua is truly the symbol of the city. That’s why it was mentioned a lot in poems and songs written about Hanoi, particularly Hanoi’s autumn. The best time to discover the beauty of Hanoi is between September and November when the climate is cool, dry but a little bit sunny. In this season, hoa sua, as pretty as its name, is fully covered the streets and lakes. It has a distinctly sweet scent that spreads to every corner and grows more intense in the evenings. Visiting Hanoi in autumn, you will always see couples walking hand in hand along the streets or sitting around the lakes and exchanging their kisses.

hoa sua ha noi

Moc Chau – hoa cai trang (White mustard flower)

November is the season of hoa cai trang in Moc Chau Plateau. Coming to the province this time, you will be overwhelmed by the pure white colour of the flowers spreading along the roads and throughout the hills. According to experienced travellers, the pine forest of Ang village is the best place to contemplate the pristine beauty of Moc Chau in autumn. The fresh air, beautiful greenery and serenity will help relieve your stress so just relax and enjoy the moment.


Ha Giang – Hoa tam giac mach (buckwheat endemic)

Ha Giang is far about 319 km from the capital of Hanoi. This place has been becoming more popular recently for tam giac mach seasons in February-April and October – November. When the flowers bloom, all hills of the area turn into brilliantly colourful valleys. Flower colour is white at the beginning then it changes into pink and finally purple. In the past, tam giac mach was harvested to serve as food. The locals often use its product to make cake or wine but now it is mainly grown for tourism purpose. Every year, there are thousands of people coming to Ha Giang to admire the beauty of tam giac mach and take stunning photos for their trip.


Dong Thap – Hoa sen (Lotus blossoms)

Lotus has been selected to be Vietnam’s national flower. It symbolizes beauty, majesty, health, knowledge and serenity. At any time travelling to Dong Thap Province, you will catch the sights of the pure, gentle and slender lotus blossoms. However, the most featuring time is floating season from August to November. Renting a wooden boat and go fishing in the lotus lake will give you the best experience for travel to Dong Thap.

hoa sen dong thap muoi

Dalat – hoa da quy (Wild sunflower)

There are plenty of species of flowers blooming all year round in Dalat but hoa da quy receives special love from visitors. In October, the whole city is immersed in the yellow colour of hoa da quy. It is also the perfect wedding season for young couples. Hoa da quy is everywhere; from the roadside, alleys to ancient villas but the greatest place to see hoa da quy is the road from D’ran or Lien Khuong to Dalat.

hoa da quy da lat

SaPa – Hoa dao (Peach blossoms)

If you don’t have a chance to admire stunning cherry blossoms in Japan, visit SaPa in spring to enjoy the same experience. Sapa features more than a hundred of cherry blossom trees presented by the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association on the occasion of SaPa’s 100th birthday anniversary in 2003. When the spring comes, SaPa becomes a hot spot for backpackers and photographers.


The local also planted many peach trees with a slightly lighter shade in pink compared to Japanese cherry blossoms. The peach blossoms bring an ethereal yet strong feeling when embraced by the spectacular scenery of Vietnam northwestern mountains and forests. The blooming season of peach blossom is between December and February when it’s cold winter in the north.

Haiphong – hoa phuong (flamboyant)

Haiphong is always referred to as “the city of red flamboyant” which is a symbol of dynamism and youth. If you visit Haiphong in summer, you will definitely be impressed by dense clusters of red flamboyant around the city centre, especially the streets around Tam Bac Lake.

hoa phuong hai phong

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