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Banh tet, Southern traditional food on Tet holidays

The Tet holiday is coming. Therefore, there are million reasons to talk about Tet cake (also known as Don cake), a traditional Vietnamese New Year food, espcially in the Vietnam’s Central and the South with many variants and different flavors… If Chung cake is an indispensable dish of the North people to offer ancestors on Tet, Tet cake is must-have …

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Xoi gac-gac sticky rice, fortunate red of Vietnam

Do you know what dish representing the fortunate of Vietnamese people? That is Gac sticky rice. Gac sticky rice features intense red color of gac fruit. Because the red color is the symbol for fortune and happiness in Vietnamese culture, gac sticky rice is an indispensable dish at special occasions such as traditional festive days, engagements, wedding and particularly Tet …

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Characteristics of Thai ethnic group in Vietnam

Thai people came from the Southern China. They have the same origin with ethnic minorities such as Choang, Tay, Nung. Under the pressure of Chinese and Vietnamese in the east and north, they migrated to the South and Southwest. The Thai people entered Vietnam from the 7th to 13th century. Other names: Tay Khao (White Thai), Tay Dam (Black Thai), …

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A day in Bat Trang ceramic village

Bat Trang is the name of a famous ancient traditional ceramic village in Vietnam’s history. Situated at the left side of Red River in Gia Lam District, Hanoi capital, the Bat Trang village plays a very important role in preserving national cultural identity and diversifying traditional cultural values of Hanoi.  Related: Explore Hanoi: One-day itinerary in Bat Trang village Location Located about …

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Breathtaking dishes in the Central

If you have chance to visit the Central Vietnam, do not miss the special dishes below: Hue noodle soup (Bun bo Hue) Whoever has ever enjoyed Hue noodle soup must be impressed by its spicy hot taste. Not only is put into the broth, chili is also available on the table in variety such as minced chill, shacha sauce, pepper…. …

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Kiem soup, specific vegetarian dish in South region

In South region, the Buddhists are in the habit of having a vegetarian meal in pagoda on full moon days or death anniversary. The dishes are prepared and arranged beforehand on the table by the monks with an indispensable dish of Kiem soup. So, what is history of the dish? Kiem soup is one of few dishes given a specific …

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Pi Le pipe, unique musical instrument of Tay ethnic group

Tay ethnic group in Lao Cai owns rich and diverse traditional culture expressing through folk songs, dances, festivals and spiritual customs…of which there is a unique instrument namely Pi Le pipe. Pi Le pipe is made of solid, durable wood. The Tay ethnic people use Pi Le in religious ritual, wedding, new house ceremony, Long tong festival… Pi Le is …

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Exploring Hanoi through historical relics

1. Old Quarter In the 15th century, the area of 36 streets was the embryo of present Hanoi’s Old quarter with narrow streets bearing evocative names (Silk St, Sugar St…). The Dong Xuan market introduces you to tropical fruits, flowers, and handicrafts basketwork, ceramics, etc Old Quarter is common name of a long-standing urban area in Hanoi. Earlier, in the …

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Hoi An architecture

Established since 11th-12th century, Hoi An is a bustling trade port for many centuries of Vietnam Central. Hoi An allures tourists by ancient architectures, gorgeous lanterns in colors at night, tranquil streets and unique buildings. So far, Hoi An ancient town has been well- preserved with a complex of architecture relics including house, assembly hall, temple and pagoda, shrine, well, …

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Vegetarian cuisine in Hue

Undoubtedly, Hue has a strong tradition of vegetarianism in Vietnam, with many of its residents eating vegetarian food twice a month (the 1st and 15th day of lunar calendar). This place always has about 30-50 vegetarian dishes available for tourists. Traveling to Hue on vesak or fast days, tourists will be surprised to see all food stalls sell delicious vegetarian …

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