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1. Nha Trang 

Hon Mun island is a popular destination for scuba-diving lovers to contemple the beauty of over 300 corals species and thousands species of fish. Diving in Hon Mun, tourists will be fascinated by rich marine ecosystem with schools of colorful fish swimming around coral reefs.

If not interested in diving, you could admire the underwater life with glass-bottom boat in Yen Island-Hon Noi. However, it is not so blissful as swimming next to the fish, hearing your breathing, feeling the movements of the sea around you.

Despite being shallow, Monkey island features clear blue water and stunning coral reefs with many fish species. Monkey island is located in Nha Phu Swamp. Hon Lao id its real name, but people like to call it Monkey island because this is the home to 1,200 monkeys.

Tourists could climb up the cliffs, go along a trail to reach the beach and start to dive. The water in this place is so pure that you just need wear swimming goggles, dip your face into water is able to watch colorful coral reefs and schools of fish swimming in the sea.

2. Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is worthy a privilege of nature with diverse Nature Reserve, rich vegetation and many rare animal species. Dive in deep water, you will be amazed at magic world of ocean with blue water, colorful fish and corals. This place is not only the home to corals in strange shapes but also the residence to tiny fish species.

3. Phu Quoc Pearl Island

Phu Quoc is truly heaven for those who want to escape from crowded urbans. This place is very suitable for nature exploration, sightseeing, fishing, swimming and diving. With fine sands, clear water and 30 meter depth, Phu Quoc is one of the most-visited destination of the divers.

This area is quite pristine, the tourists could dive in the Northwest of the island or around the small archipelago in the South. The best time for diving in Vietnam is from May to July when sea water is very clear and calm with visibility of about 20-30m. During the time from November to February, few tourists come to dive because of strong wind and rough sea.

4. Cat Ba island

Cat Ba archipelago includes 367 island of which Cat Ba island is situated in the South of Ha Long Bay, offshore Haiphong city and Quang Ninh province, about 30 km from Haiphong city and 25 km from Ha Long province. Especially, this place was recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2003.

Cat Ba is a romantic island located at 70 m high from sea level and extremely ideal for diving. Under the reefs around the island’s foot is Red coral cluster with many valuable marine products such as abalone, pearl, red swamp crawfish and multi-colour shoals creating an incredebily radiant beauty.

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