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Tourism activities in Nha Trang-Khanh Hoa

Explore the world of the ocean through glass-bottom boat.

The glass on the bottom of the boat is designed to help tourists view underwater sceneries or coral reefs and tropical aquatic animals.

Islands tour

 Nha Trang is a beautiful beach city with small offshore islands, beautiful beaches, verticle cliffs in which swallows often come to nest such as Monkey Island, Hon Mieu,Hon Tam, Hon Mun Islands…. Hon Mun Island is referred to as Marine Park owing to diversity, richness and gorgeousness of coral reefs, particularly the habitation of swallows. Hon Mun Island was invested by the World Bank and IUCN-the International Union for Conservation of Nature to become Vietnam’s Sea Conservation Zone.

Monkey Island is the home to hundreds of monkeys. Formerly, the monkey were raised to export to Russia but then they were used for tourism development of Nha Trang.

There is a variety of monkeys including long-tailed macaque, superagui lion tamarin, the golden monkey, stump-tailed macaque… The monkeys are well trained, so the tourists are able to play with them.

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