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Xoi gac-gac sticky rice, fortunate red of Vietnam

Do you know what dish representing the fortunate of Vietnamese people? That is Gac sticky rice.

Gac sticky rice features the intense red colour of gac fruit. Because the red colour is the symbol for fortune and happiness in Vietnamese culture, gac sticky rice is an indispensable dish at special occasions such as traditional festive days, engagements, wedding and particularly Tet holiday.

To make gac sticky rice, people mix aril and seeds of gac fruit with glutinous rice until it’s evenly coloured and put into a steamer about 15 minutes or more. After that, add coconut milk and sugar and cook for another 5 minutes. A good gac sticky rice must be semi-sweet, beautiful gac red, fragrant smell and fine texture. The dish is often served with cha lua (Vietnamese ham).

Apart from the good flavour and eye-catching appearance, gac sticky rice is very helpful for your health, especially eyes and skin. Therefore, Vietnamese people often have gac sticky rice for breakfast.

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