Air travel safety

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If you are afraid of air travel, the information I am offering below will help you overcome this fear.

1. Low death rate

According to statistic of American scientists, death rate from bee stings is much higher than aircraft accident. Thereby, death rate due to heart disease is the highest: about 1 out of every 2 people is died from heart attack.

Death rate from bee sting is 1 per 5.5 million people and 1 per 7 million people by airplane crash. This figure shows that you could feel safe when travelling by air. It is even more secured than walking in your own garden.

2.  Bad weather

Airplanes often violently shake when flying in bad weather. But in reality, it hardly crashes the plane apart from causing accidents for passengers who do not fasten seat belt. Since 1980 to 2008, there are only 3 airplane crashes caused by bad weather, 2 out of them are because passengers did not keep their seat belt securely  when the sign is on.

3. Low risk of aviation accidents

In case of airplane crash, survival rate is also extremely high. From 1983 – 2000, Survival rate of passengers  is 96%

4. Bad weather is a small problem

Shake and noise when planes are flying  in bad weather are actually similar to cars are going on rough roads. The cars even shake more violently  because the planes are designed  to survive even the most severe forms of turbulence, improper maintenance can leave them vulnerable.

5. Air craftf crash

Many people are afraid of air travel because they think that airplanes will crash into each other due to thick clouds. In fact, if pilots makes the mistake,  airborne collision avoidance system will warn pilots of the presence of other aircraft that may present a threat of collision.

6. Lightning

It is estimated that airplanes were struck by lightning on average of one per year. However, this does not mean that the airplanes are easy destroyed because their skin is made of aluminium alloy which conducts electricity very well.

7. Smoke on planes

Normally, most of passengers die because they breathe too much smoke in narrow space when the accident happens. In this case, the passengers must follow exactly directions of flight attendants to get out of the smoking area as soon as possible.

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