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There are a lot of beautiful and stunning destinations in Vietnam yet very limited number of official camping sites. Here we have a list of the places you can camp and enjoy your time without worrying about safety.

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In the North

Due to the geographical features, most of the sites that are suitable for camping can be found in mountainous and highland areas.

Dong Cao, Bac Giang


Dong Cao is not really an official camping site but a very famous one among local travellers and no one will question you for camping here. Dong Cao is actually a 600-meter hill located in Ga hamlet, Thach Son ward, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province, about 160 kilometres away from Hanoi. The place is loved for its isolated location to residential areas, peaceful atmosphere and the best view of dawn. The best time to camp at Dong Cao is between September and November when there is minimum rain in northeast Vietnam there for the weather in this time is so supportive for dawn watch.


The winds in Dong Cao are quite strong and the slope is steep, so you should choose a flat ground and camp on the leeward.

Dong Mo, Ha Noi


Dong Mo is the name of a lake which is about 40 kilometres away from the centre of Hanoi and Son Tinh is the name of a campsite located right beside the lake. This site is very suitable for picnic, camping and boating on weekends. There is also a resort with views on the large Dong Mo lake and artificial islands, spreading out on an area of 200 hectares near Ba Vi Mountain. Son Tinh campsite is totally dedicated to an outdoor picnic and camping space. The tents are pre-pitched so you don’t need to bring one. Bathrooms are available together with other necessary facilities and services. However, the tent rental price is not cheap at all. A night tent for a family with a view overlooking the lake costs you about 400,000VND, 2 person tent costs 250,000VND for 24 hours. For more information, check their homepage now.

Mount Ham Lon, Hanoi


Mount Ham Lon has belonged to Doc Ton range at Soc Son district, Hanoi. The mountain is about 40km away from the city centre and can be reached in the same way to Noi Bai. The peak of Ham Lon Mountain is only heightened at 462 meters above sea level so it’s perfect for a small weekend trek to the top. You can camp either on the top of the mountain or the official Suoi Bau lake’s campsite below.

Ba Vi National Park, Hanoi


Ba Vi national park is already famous among local and foreign travellers. Every weekend during summer and early autumn, hundreds of youngsters on their motorbikes flock here to enjoy the cool and clean air and the great scenery of nature. The large pine forest is allowed for camping and you can set up your own tent here or rent it for 150,000VND to 200,000VND for a 4 people tent. They also can prepare the campfire for you with the price up to 1mil – 1,5mil per night and there are many more services. It’s best to go by motorbike; you can park your bike here overnight for only 3,000VND per night.

In the Central

Central Vietnam has quite a collection of beaches and islands therefore there are many beach campsites and tourist complex. Even the beach resorts offer tent renting or lend you the shore.

Trung Luong Campsite, Binh Dinh



This new official campsite is about 30 kilometres away from Quy Nhon city, belonged to Trung Luong village, right beside Trung Luong beach. Trung Luong campsite is part of Trung Luong tourist area which is to be a culture – nature – Eco complex in the near future. In 2016, two main features of the area which are the campsite and Tien Canh restaurant have opened to the public. The campground is lawn covered and embraced by rocky hills with one side facing the sea. This must be the campsite that has the most beautiful scenery and set up in Vietnam with both hills and beach. The tents are placed in a circle, leaving the central ground for common activities like parties and games. There are chairs placed around and campfire in the middle. Tien Canh restaurant located just right beside is where you can find great foods and drinks at reasonable prices.

Cocoa Beach Camp


Cocoa Beach Camp of Cam Binh beach is located at Lagi ward, Binh Thuan province, about 180 kilometres away from Ho Chi Minh city. This beach camp, opened in 2015, is becoming trendy because of its youthful theme, great services and very reasonable price. Cam Binh has an amazingly long, wide and white beach which is very suitable for camping and partying. The tents are pre-pitched and set up nicely on the shore. There are variations of tents with good quality, in different sizes and can fit for groups of people. Hammocks, chairs, tables and even beds are also set everywhere around the beach. Campfire at night is doable since firewood is available. Entertainment activities can be found here are stand up paddle, kite surfing, kayaking, diving, cycling, trekking and other sports. There is a villa near to the beach (5 kilometres) where you can enjoy more luxury services.

The admission ticket is 50,000VND; tent renting within daytime is 200,000VND and overnight about 150,000VND.

LU Camping – Beach Bar & Camp, Binh Thuan


LU Camping is an exciting tourist area situated on the ever blue Ke Ga beach, 33 kilometres away from Phan Thiet city. This campsite is new and has a westernized and youthful theme. The sleepers are made of wood, shaped in the hexagon. They are set together to make it look like a cool giant beehive. Each hexagon room is priced at 100,000VND per night. There are also pre-pitched tents on the shore for rent at 75,000VND per night. The container rooms are the most expensive at 300,000VND per room. The setting and services are very creative and free-spirited with beach bar, jeep cars, UTVs, jet skis…. LU Camp also has services like taking you to Ke Ga lighthouse and beach by canoes or jeep cars or UTVs to watch the sunset.

In the South

The south of Vietnam has everything from sea coasts, national parks, mountains to the countryside along the Mekong. There are both official campsites with supportive services and wild camping spots.

Cat Tien national park



Cat Tien national park spread on three provinces that are Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc, about 160 kilometres away from the hustle Saigon. Nam Cat Tien is one of the best places to camp in the south for its green and cool forests. You can not only camp here but also have a trekking tour, bicycling tour to discover the wilderness of nature. Tents for rent at 80,000VND to 200,000VND per night or you can just bring yours. Sites to check out are Ben Cu waterfall, botanical garden, crocodile pond, Mo Vet waterfall tour, animal watching tour.

Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang

Since Phu Quoc island is perfectly legal for all tourists, it’s also an ideal campsite for foreigners. There are countless places you can make a tent around the island from beaches to forests and mountains. For beach, Bai Sao (Star Beach), Bai Dai (Long beach) or Ong Lang beach are most suitable for camping with their long, stretched shore and blue seawater. If you don’t bring tents, you can always rent one from the resorts here.

Da Han Waterfall, Dong Nai



Da Han waterfall, about 50 kilometres from Saigon, is a tourist complex of Dong Nai province that offers outdoor recreations, group activities and camping space with stunning natural scenery. The main feature of the complex is the three waterfalls which are Da Han, Chang and Nang. The legend tells that at these waterfalls there lied a couple who jumped down together because they couldn’t be together. Come to Da Han, alone or with a group, you can easily rent a tent or a hut next to the stream with prices ranging from 50,000 to 70,000VND per day. There are also services for swimming, fishing, garden visiting, adventure games like an off-road car race, mountain biking…. There is also a market you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, souvenir stalls to buy gifts from the countryside.

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