Exploring Vietnam

Regional variations of Vietnamese cuisine

vietnamese culinary

Vietnam is a narrow country stretching for thousands of km from North to South. In terms of culinary, it is divided into 3 main regions: The North, the Central and the South featuring distinctive flavours. Due to colder climate, people in the North tend to use less spice than in the Central and the South but black pepper is used …

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Different colors of Vietnam in a French’s photo book

vietnam mosaic of constrasts

Vietnam-Mosaic of Contrast is a picture diary of Réhahn’s journey (a French photographer) in Vietnam. Réhahn quit his job in France in 2007 to live in Hoi An (Vietnam). He considers this place to be a new homeland and would love to share its beauty, people and culture. Réhahn has captured over 50,000 photos throughout 8 years during his road …

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5 reasons to travel to Vietnam

reason to visit vietnam

Most people think of Vietnam as a war. But the old history has all gone. Now peace and safety reside. So if you are looking for a new place to discover, don’t forget to add Vietnam into your list. Here are 5 reasons why you should do that: 1. It has so much to offer: Vietnam is an incredibly beautiful …

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Hanoi’s youth

Youth on fast motorbikes

The rules for motorcycles are liberating and the youth are taking advantage of the changes. It’s an exciting time to be in Hanoi. The youth are the future of a country, and they see a bright future ahead. Multinational companies are racing to build more factories, like Samsang’s largest facility. The clothing industry is set to expand exponentially with the …

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Fishing in Westlake (Ho Tay)

Hanoi fisherman

  Hanoi’s Westlake’s popular past time is fishing. With the sun setting it offers some spectacular photo opportunities. It’s also the area favoured by most foreigners.  

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Hanoi’s Sunday Markets

A transaction at a market

Hanoi’s culture is blooming. Here are some photos of one of the smaller markets. In the last eight months, businesses have embraced design and innovation.

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Today’s interview with Ian

Interview with Ian

Running a business related to travel means meeting a diverse range of people. Ian is one of those. Ian has lived an amazing life. His extensive career has led him to explore the wonders of the worlds diverse culture. So his perspective is valuable as he has seen a lot. Like all travellers here, the traffic is an adventure in …

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TET is a mixed bag for visitors. It can be so quiet and peaceful. Such an amazing time to walk the streets. This is a clip from TET 2015, as locals raced from temple to temple. via GIPHY

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