Exploring Vietnam

Learn from Joann hanoi airport

Joann shares her experience on how to get through Hanoi airport faster and easier. Disclaimer: Jacqueline did stay at our homestay, but was not paid for this testimonial

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Green rice

green rice

What was once plentiful in Hanoi, is now in harvest at Yên Bái, green rice Thoughtfully brought back by some our team.

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5 Tips for first-time travelers to Vietnam

vietnam travel tips

Vietnam is a friendly and safe destination with many hidden charms. Being aware of the difference in culture, lifestyle in Vietnam and some traditions will make your trip worthwhile and trouble-free. Following are some useful information you might need for your first time travel to Vietnam. 1. Be prepared for traffic You might be shocked when seeing the traffic in …

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13 Useful travel tips in Vietnam

Prepare for your Vietnam trip with some of our useful travel tips. There are some dos and don’ts tourists might need to follow to make a perfect trip to Vietnam. Jot down some important information on a small notebook. Put valuable and critical items (cash, financial documents, jewellery, etc..) in your carry bags: should be kept on your personal bags. …

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Hanoi entered top 10 world’s most popular destinations

TripAdvisor-the world’s largest travel site has named ten most popular destinations 2014 in the world, of which Hanoi is an honor to be rank among best destinations such as Rome, London, Shanghai… The top place in the list belongs to Istanbul city-Turkey. Meanwhile, Hanoi capital is placed at the 8th position among 10 destinations. The list is based on reviews …

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