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Airports are often located out of the city, anywhere from few to about 20 kilometres away. Independent travellers sometimes have a problem choosing transportation method which is most convenient with reasonable cost.

Here is our guide on buses which run from the airports to the city centre and vice versa.

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Noi Bai – Hanoi city centre (22 km)

Public buses:

Bus no.90: Kim Ma – Nhat Tan Bridge – Noi Bai – VND 9,000

Stops at a domestic terminal (T1), international terminal (T2):

  • T1 departure second floor (A, B, E halls)
  • T2 departure second floor (A1, A2 halls)
  • Parking area P1
Bus 90

Bus no.86: Hanoi railway station – Noi Bai – VND 30,000

Schedule: Train station Hà Nội – Le Duan: from 5.05 – 21:40; every 25-30 mins

Stops at a domestic terminal (T1), international terminal (T2):

  • T1 departure second floor (A, B, E halls)
  • T2 departure second floor (A1, A2 halls)
  • Parking area P1
Bus 86

Bus no.7: Cau Giay bus station – Noi Bai – VND 9,000

Working time: 5:00am – 9:00pm (normal days), 5:30 am – 10:30pm (Sundays)

Stops at:

  • Parking area P2, Terminal T1
  • Terminal T2
Bus 07
Bus 07

Bus no.17: Long Bien – Noi Bai – VND 7,000

Working time: 5:00am – 8:30pm

  • Parking lot P3


Airport shuttle/minibuses:

There are four companies offering minibus shuttle service on route Hanoi – Noi Bai airport: Noi Bai Airport Taxi, Viet Thanh Taxi, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific. Located beyond the taxi parking area, you will find the minibuses to the right.

Jetstar buses are in orange, stop outside the E hall, often depart after flights 30 minutes. The charge is VND 40,000.

Schedule: Noi Bai airport – Thang Long Bridge – Pham Van Dong – Hoang Quoc Viet – Nguyen Van Huyen – Dao Tan – Ngoc Khanh bus station.

Jetstar shuttle

Vietnam airline minibuses have the distinguishable logo, parked on the far left of the airport. Price is same, VND 40,000. They will drop you of Quang Trung Street which is near to Hoan Kiem lake. Vietnam airline buses leave when seats are filled, every 45 – 1 hour. You can get the whole van for VND 500,000.



Tan Son Nhat – HCMC city centre (6 km)

Public buses:

Bus no.109: Tan Son Nhat airport – 23/9 Park

  • Fee: VND 20,000 (full-ride), VND 12,000 (less than half the route).
  • Stops at: International Terminal, Domestic Terminal
  • Working time: 5:30 – 1:30 am
  • Buses are air-conditioned with a capacity of 70 people, English-talking staff, and more space to put luggage (no extra fee).

Bus no.152: Tan Son Nhat airport – Trung Son Residence

  • Schedule: International terminal – Truong Son – Hoang Van Thu – Nguyen Dinh Chieu – Pham Hong Thai – Ben Thanh – Nguyen Van Cu – Trung Son Residence
  • Fee: VND 3,000
  • Working time: 6:00am – 6:00pm
  • Air-conditioned, but don’t have enough space to put luggage (and you have to pay an extra fee).

Bus no.159: Mien Dong bus station – Tan Son Nhat airport – An Suong bus station

  • Fee: VND 10,000 (full route), VND 7,000 (half route)
  • Working time: 5:30am – 8:25pm
  • Free wifi


Bus no.119: Tan Son Nhat airport – Mien Tay bus station

  • Fee: VND 12,000 (less than 5 kilometers), VND 20,000 (more than 5 kilometers)
  • Working time: 4:00am -9:00pm
  • Stops at domestic and international terminals.
Bus 119

Shuttle Bus:

Bus no.49: Tan Son Nhat – Tan Son Nhat

  • Schedule: International terminal – domestic terminal – Hoang Van Thu – Le Duan – Dong Du – Ben Thanh – Le Lai – Dien Bien Phu – Phan Dinh Giot – International terminal
  • Fee: VND 40,000
  • Working time: 5:00am – 1:30am
  • Soft seats, air-conditioned, free wifi.
Bus 49

Danang airport – city centre/Hoian

Danang airport is inside the city centre, about a few kilometres away so a taxi would be an okay choice.

From Danang airport, if you want to go straight to Hoian by bus, you will have to start from the city centre. Check the front glass for “Danang – Hoian” to be sure.

  • Frequency: Every 20 minutes
  • Working time: 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Fee: VND 20,000 ($0.9)
  • Number of buses: 8 (yellow coloured)
  • Number of trips (go and back): 38
  • Distance: 30 km
  • Maximum travelling time: 80 – 90 minutes
  • Tel: 0511.3.680.670

Schedule: Danang central bus station – Ton Duc Thang – Dien Bien Phu – Le Duan – Tran Phu – Truong Nu Vuong – Nui Thanh – Nguyen Van Troi Bridge – Marble Mountain – Le Van Hien – Hoian central bus station.

There is neither wifi connection nor air condition. However, you can expect the landscape along the road.


Phu Bai – city centre (12 km)

Public buses:

Bus no.2: Phu Bai airport – Phia Nam bus station – Phia Bac bus station

Fee: VND 7,000 (Phia Bac – Phu Bai), VND 5,000 (Phia Nam – Phu Bai)

Bus no.7:  Phia Bac bus station – Phu Bai – Lang Co

Fee: VND 7,000

Bus no.11: Phia Bac bus station – Phu Bai – Vinh Hien

Fee: VND 7,000 (Phia Bac bus station – Phu Bai)


Shuttle bus:

Vietnam Airlines runs a shuttle bus from the airport to its office in the city centre. The buses leave after arrival flights. Fare is VND 30,000.

The bus is indeed a cheap and convenient choice to get from the airport to the city centres. However, at rushes hours, buses can be really crowded and exhausting. They may take it too long by stopping at many stops. And you have to watch your luggage all the time.

If you don’t think a bus is a suitable option and a taxi is too risky, check out our Car Pick-up Service.  We offer Car Pick Up service from any Vietnam international airports to your concrete address in the city centre.

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