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First Time Trying Durian – What was Your Reaction?

Our newly posted video has become a hot topic on Facebook just over the night. These two foreign friends were treated with the famous native Southeast Asia fruit – durian by a local and even more thrilling, they haven’t tried it before, like ever. And their reactions, as shown in the video below, were quite hilarious.

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Durian or “king of fruits” is a common fruit in Southeast Asia and you can find them anywhere in Vietnam and Thailand. The fruit is so challenging to eat, especially in the first time, because of its very strong smell. Not many people can stand the odour to taste the creamy, custard-like yellow flesh inside. Yet at the same time, many others find durians fragrant and tasty.

Here some divisive comments on our forum:

Scott McDonald said: “Tried some in Kuala Lumpur a couple of years ago. My reaction was similar to that bloke.”

While Jill had the same opinion: “Yeah, durian is an acquired taste I have yet to acquire…”

On another hand, Christa is getting along quite well with durian: “Try more, gradually get to like it. If you have well-ripe one, you can understand why they call it “king of Fruits”

Jennifer Drainy shared: “My favourite fruit in the entire world!”

So the debate is on (again) and how about you? Have you ever treated with durian by a local in Vietnam? What your reaction of the first time trying this ‘notorious’ fruit? Share with us!

(Source of video: Leyna Nguyen (Facebook))

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