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Hoi An Light Festival and Da Lat Cherry Blossom Festival in Lunar New Year 2017

Don’t know where to go to Vietnam during Lunar New Year 2017? Check out these two new festivals to be held in Hoi An and Da Lat!

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Hoi An Light Festival



In the Lunar New Year 2017, many festivals will be held across the country. Hoi An Light Festival will start from 27th January to 8th February (30th of 12th lunar month to 12th of 1st lunar month). This is the first time for Hoi An to hold a light festival during Tet holidays. The whole quarter will be decorated in colourful lights and lanterns. But it’s not only a light festival but also a music festival promising to bring new sensations for tourists coming to the old town of Hoi An.


As informed, there are six spots you can watch light performances: Bridge Pagoda, An Hoi Bridge, Hoai river, Kazik Park, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Bach Dang streets.

Each performance will last for 8-10 minutes at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 every night. The lights will be set in harmonization with the flower gardens, the town’s relics and general scene of Hoi An.

To enjoy light performances, tourists will have to buy tickets.

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Da Lat Cherry Blossom Festival



Following the success of Dalat Flower Festival, Da Lat continues to impress with a whole new festival this year focusing solely on the beauty of cherry blossom flower of the highland city. There is one thing to point out: Da Lat Cherry Blossom is different with the Japanese “sakura”, it’s actually apricot blossom but it looks so alike to Japanese cherry blossom so people call it “Mai Anh Dao” (literally “apricot cherry blossom”).

Da Lat will host this festival in 3 days from 11th to 13th February 2017 at Tuyen Lam Lake. The activities include Clay pot soil tunnel event, flower and food event at Terra Cotta Resort, gifting event, Da Lat cherry blossom photographing event, music performances and logo designing event.


The festival is a great chance for flower lovers to enjoy the romantic and beautiful sights of Da Lat Cherry Blossom in spring 2017 together with many interesting activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

If you are visiting Vietnam at this time, add now these two new and unique festivals to your to-do list!

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