Public Holidays and Observances in Viet Nam in 2020

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Vietnam has 06 official holidays in a year. If a holiday falls on weekends, the preceding will be the observance day. On these days, especially Tet Holiday also known as Traditional Vietnamese New Year, all government offices including immigration are closed. If you plan to visit Vietnam this year, the specific dates for public holidays and observances in Vietnam in 2020 listed down here will help you well arrange a travel visa to Vietnam. Now if you are looking for a more authentic way to enjoy Vietnamese holiday, be sure to look out for a few favorite holidays in Vietnam, namely Football Celebration tradition (Vietnamese people often make their way down the streets to celebrate their National Football Team’s big victories) and many more.

Public holidays 2020 Observance
New Year January 1st Wednesday, January 1st
Traditional Vietnamese New Year January 25th -29th Thursday to Wednesday, January 23rd -29th
Hung Kings’ Festival April 2nd Thursday, April 2nd
Reunification Day April 30th Thursday, April 30th
International Labor Day May 1st Friday, May 1st
National Day September 2nd Wednesday, September 2nd

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