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Helpful Vietnamese phrases for travelers

Vietnam is a worthwhile visiting country due to its picturesque landscapes, delicious food, hospitable people and low living cost. However, in the place where most of people can’t speak English, it’s best for you to learn some survival Vietnamese phrases to make the most of your trip in Vietnam. In this post, you will learn 60 useful phrases that will …

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When coming to Vietnam, you easily see countless eateries with sign board “cơm bình dân”. The majority of these eateries are small, family-run business offering a variety of home-cooked dishes at budget prices. In Vietnamese, “cơm bình dân” means “common rice”. Especially busy at lunchtimes, “cơm bình dân” serves customers from all walks of life: from clerks to labourers, from …

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4 delicious Hue clam dishes you must give a try

Com hen-rice with baby clamps   If you look for genuine Hue cuisinea, com hen should be ranked 1st of the to-eat list. It is steamed rice dish topped with baby clams, peanuts, sesame seeds, crispy noodles, basil, crisp pork cracklings, and a plethora of greens. A delicious hot mussel broth is served on the side for sipping. Com hen …

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Travel trip: From Hue to Hoi An

During October 2017 I went on a trip with a friend from Hue to Hoi An as people always say these cities are highlights you should visit when travelling in Vietnam. As there was no time to spare and wanting to get as much out of the trip as possible, we decided on going to Hue by plane. The plan …

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City Guide: Buses from airport to downtown

Airports are often located out of the city, anywhere from few to about 20 kilometers away. Independent travelers sometimes have problem choosing transportation method which is most convenient with reasonable cost. Here is our guide on buses which run from the airports to city center and vice versa. Related: How to take bus in Vietnam Noi Bai – Hanoi city …

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Forbes: Vietnam as one of the cheapest destinations in 2017

vietnam mosaic of constrast

If you haven’t decided yet, and have not applied for a visa, why not consider Vietnam as your next destination in this year 2017? The famous Forbes just released a list of 30 low-cost places to travel this year and Vietnam is one of them. Vietnam was chosen by Marybeth Bond, a National Geographic writer, author and the founder of …

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Tourism Festivals in Vietnam

Beside traditional and ancient cultural festivals, some annual tourism activities are worth your time. Ha Long Carnival Time: each year, April – May Activities: Halong Carnival is the biggest tourism event in North Vietnam, attracting a huge number of tourists every year. The festival theme is pretty modern and westernised since the main customer target of Ha Long is western …

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Famous Markets in Vietnam

Vietnam has nearly 9000 markets all over the country. This number only can clarify the important role of market in daily life of Vietnamese people throughout long history. Most of markets in Vietnam aren’t touristy therefore they are authentic in a sense you see the raw bustling daily life of a local community. Related: Markets in Vietnam Dong Xuan Market …

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Sky view of Vietnam

view of Vietnam from sky

Vietnam is a small country but possesses spectacular and diverse landscapes from South to North. What interests me is that not the government but the individuals are the ones bringing Vietnam’s beauty to the world. It’s not frequent to see a quality clip of Vietnam made by tourism department but people sometimes get excited with amazing clips captured Vietnam’s landscapes …

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Best cities for cycling in Vietnam

If you like to visit Vietnamese streets by the bicycle, here are some suggestions about the best places for cycling in Vietnam. Elegant Hanoi Hanoi is one of the most-visited destinations in Vietnam where people could find bustling atmosphere of busy modern life as well as tranquil space. With shady streets, pretty alleys and cool poetic lakes, many tourists choose to …

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