Exploring Vietnam

“Hopital for Foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City”

Medical care and treatment are important everywhere. Whether you are in your home town or travelling to different places, you would call for medical help at any time. This is not an exception to foreign travellers in Vietnam. Since Vietnam is not an English – speaking country, looking for a hospital/clinic where competent doctors can understand English is not a …

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9 Things to Know before Visitting Sapa

As one of the best destinations in north Vietnam along with Ha Long Bay, Hanoi and Ha Giang, Sapa has so much to offer. There are nine of the things you will need to know before heading to this lovely town of Lao Cai, Vietnam. How to get there There are to way to get to Sapa – by bus …

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Full Guide on When and Where to Travel Vietnam

ninh binh

December – January – February During these months the winter reigns. Winter in north Vietnam is often dry and cold except late February and March when it turns cold and wet. In these three months, you can almost travel to anywhere in Vietnam. If you do not like the cold, go south and enjoy the sun and beaches. If you …

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How to Stay Away from Scams in Vietnam

To the question “What is your most horrible experience in Vietnam?” a major part of tourists without a doubt will answer “Scams”. Along with pickpocket, scam and fraud are also what travellers fear most when visiting the country. The fact that scam can be found in any tourist service is alone the reason some tourists never come back despite how …

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tan son nhat airport

Tan Son Nhat, the second international airport in Vietnam, is the most important transportation hub in the south of Vietnam. Every year, Tan Son Nhat welcomes around 20 million visitors and this number increases regularly year by year. In order to improve the quality of increasing visitors, Tan Son Nhat has been equipped with more and better services. Free Massage …

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Things to Buy in Vietnam

Conical Hat This hat is one of the cultural symbols of not only Vietnamese women but also Vietnamese people in general. The conical hat is made of bamboo cataphyll, often worn to cover the face from the sunlight when working on rice fields. Along with the graceful silk Ao Dai, the non has become a sort of informal Vietnamese national …

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Noi Bai International Airport, the main airport serving Hanoi, is the largest airport in Vietnam. The new international terminal (T2) operated since December 2014 has boosted the capacity of the airport and also changed the face of the airport. Along with the operation of the new terminal, Noi Bai Airport has set up a more modern and convenient service to …

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5 Different Types of Vietnamese Noodle Soups

mi quang

Related: Vietnam Regional Noodle Soups Pho Pho is perhaps the most popular Vietnamese food. No matter if you’ve been to Vietnam or not, you’ve likely heard of pho. It’s said that Hanoi is the birthplace of pho. That’s why it’s the most common dish of the capital. What is pho? Pho is simply a Vietnamese noodle, traditionally served in beef or …

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List of Public Holidays in Vietnam for 2016

Tet holiday Tet, or Vietnamese New Year, is the most important festival of the year that falls on the first night of the new moon and in the first month of the Lunar Calendar. The official holiday lasts three days but the celebrations continue for at least seven days.  Preparations begin a week before the Tet. Families clean the home …

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HCM Opens New Bus Route 109 Connecting Airport and Downtown

new airport bus link ho chi minh

On 16th March, Southern Airport Transportation JSC and the municipal Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh welcomed the launch of a new airport bus link. The project required an investment capital of USD897,200 for six “high quality” buses that have a maximum capacity for 70 passengers (standing and seated). The journey is expected to take 45 minutes for each …

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