Exploring Vietnam

Flower by Season and Region in Vietnam

hoa tam giac mach

Travelling around the world to see the flower is the dream of many travellers. However, the time of the nicest blossoms varies by region. If you wish to enjoy the most beautiful flower seasons in Vietnam, this post will help you create a perfect travel plan. Hanoi – Hoa sua (Milk Flower) Hanoi has various kinds of flower but hoa …

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What You Should Know When Travel to Mau Son

mau son travel tips

Lang Son has many beautiful attractions but Mau Son is probably the best known landmark. This place is regarded as another Sapa of northern area. Thanks to geographical condition, Mau Son enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, which makes it ideal place for leisure travel and camping activities. When to go Mau Son is year-round cool with two distinct seasons. Winter …

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son tra

Known as the most livable city in Vietnam, Danang has a clean environment, effective infrastructure and lots of attractions. They are reasons for why Danang is always listed in the top best Vietnamese destinations. In this guide, you will find out all the necessary information to plan a perfect journey to this beautiful city. Related: Nightlife in Da Nang Get …

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Free Sleep Pods Service at Noi Bai Airport

sleeping port ha noi airport

According to an announcement by the Vietnam Aviation Tourism Corporation (VATC), free sleep pod service will be offered between1st March and 31th December 2016. The passengers whose flight is delayed or cancelled are able to take a nap during a 9layover from 12:30 to 13:30 daily. In detail, the VATC will provide 4-5 sleep pods at Terminal 1 and 2-3 …

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Bathe Yourself in Color at Holi Festival Taken Place in Hanoi

holi festival in hanoi 2016

Holi, also called Festival of Color, is the most anticipated celebration in the Hindu religion. Holi marks the arrivals of spring, a season of joy and hope, and is celebrated annually at the end of February or early March. Participants in the festival often shower strangers and friends with vibrant colours. Related: Unique Traditional Festivals in Vietnam The Holi Blast Festival …

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“Kong: Skull Island” Shooting in Vietnam from 22 February

It’s been a very long time since Vietnam was selected for a Hollywood film. Therefore, Vietnamese people are really excited to welcome “Kong: Skull Island” film crew to come to Vietnam in February. The film staff including director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, cinematographer Larry Fong and the casts including Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson arrived in Hanoi on 18th February to …

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Tips for Solo Travelers in Vietnam

tips to travel alone in vietnam

Vietnam is a lovely country for solo travelers: it’s cheap, safe and there’s so plenty to see and do. If you prefer travelling to Vietnam alone, let’s take a look at some our tip269s below: Petty crime Petty crime happens everywhere, and Vietnam is not an exception. As a tourist, you’ll be an obvious target for bad people. The pickpockets …

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How Vietnamese Celebrate Tet (Part 2)

How Vietnamese celebrate Tet (Part 1) As the clock strikes midnight, the Giao Thua ceremony commences, marking the end of the previous year and the beginning of spring. In streets, younger people expect for fireworks, while at home, Vietnamese families gather to usher in and exchanging wishes. Incense sticks are burnt as a sign of welcoming the ancestors to join …

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How Vietnamese Celebrate Tet (Part 1)

food tet vietnam

Lunar New Year (or Tet) is the biggest holiday of Vietnamese people, celebrated on the first day of the first month on the lunar calendar, usually starts between late January and early February according to the Gregorian calendar. That explains why Tet varies from year to year. Next Monday, February 8, 2016, millions of Vietnamese all around the world will …

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Coffee Culture between Hanoi and Saigon

Vietnamese coffee culture

Vietnamese surely love coffee just as much as tea. One of the fascinating things is that in the North, people have a different way to drink coffee with the South. Related: Vietnamese Tea How does a Vietnamese drink coffee? I can say that Vietnamese coffee has developed a style of its own with its own way of making, its additional variations …

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