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Trứng Vịt Lộn – Half-hatched Duck Egg, An Asian Food Representative

Foreign travellers have a sort of love-hate relationship with “trung vit lon” which is known as the Vietnamese version of the famous “balut” egg in the Philippines. Let’s get to know more about this interesting Vietnamese food! You can literally find this food in every city across the country. Vietnamese people eat “trung vit lon” for breakfast and night snack. …

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Vietnam Regional Noodle Soups

Besides the well-known Pho, there are many more kinds of soup that are not as popular but just as flavorful, delicious and healthy. Each region, in turn, has to its own a variation of a particular dish with distinctive features and taste, making Vietnamese cuisine so diverse. North Vietnam Pho Nowadays, you can easily find Pho from luxury restaurants to …

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Top Highly Recommended Restaurants in Da Nang

Take into account the restaurants around the intersection of Dong Da Street and Hai Phong Street if you want to try on cheap and tasty meals for lunch. For diners at decent restaurants, you should head to My Khe beach and drop off some coastal restaurants. However, don’t forget to try the local specialities which you can easily find along …

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4 Hot-pot Dishes from The Mekong Delta

Thanks to nice treat from nature, farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta are granted a widely varied range of special food. Combing the natural ingredients, locals have created tasty and delicious dishes that can be found elsewhere. Tourists coming there in water rising season can have chance to experience the dishes such as a hot pot of linh fish served with …

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Vietnamese Fish Sauce

The very renowned and unique condiment that must be used in every meal of Vietnamese is no other than Nuoc Mam, in English, Fish Sauce. Fish sauce is an amber-coloured liquid made from fermented fish and sea salt. Nowadays fish sauce is used commonly in Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Filipino, and Laos. Origin of Fish Sauce It’s …

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Where to Find Cooking Classes in Hanoi and HCMC

traditional vietnamese food for tet

For the ex-pats who are planning to stay in Vietnam for a couple of years, learning to cook Vietnamese dishes is not only interesting and helpful but also very economic because you can save quite an amount of money by cooking your meals rather than being a frequent guest of restaurants. Also knowing how to choose ingredients and cook is …

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